Siren Watcher

CV Resume


This CV website is in English, though it has automated translation located at the bottom for your convenience.

What this website is for:

This website has direct correlated information to work such as Education, Skills, and Employment History.

Other secondary information I provide is a Psychology Profile, Research interests, Travel history, and Beliefs. This information can be used for workplace relations, relocation, and to see my fields of interest.

Lastly I have a list of Recently Watched and Recently Read collated information. This section is used for quick referencing whilst teaching (to provide students recommended watching or reading for issues they face), for online conversation resources (sending links to aquantainces or friends), or for other’s uses (external viewers of the website whom are looking for research and information). This section can also be used for those whom are interested to know what I have been researching recently.

This website is used for whomever is interested in the information, but is primarily for employers.

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