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This title is a conjoining of multiple umbrella terms, though quite different, all are involved in the same argument; populism, virtue signalling, alt-movements, etc. This section is meant to explain whether I have strong beliefs in these areas and where I sit in the hotly contested generational debate.

This is exceptionally difficult for me to explain. Fiat and neoliberalism I have had issue with since my late teens. My political views stem to beliefs from over 15 years ago, relocation arguments are from inherent logical assumptions I’ve developed over a long period of time that have affected my environment.

Populism and gender bias on the other hand, in my own personal life, affects me very little. When looking at my psych profile you can see that I generally present as quite a strong willed person, people rarely take advantage of me regardless of their sex. I fondly recall people trying to make me scared about being raped, and I always turn to them and laughing say, ‘oh come on, who really do you think will do the raping, me or them.’ The shocked person is taken aback, then sees the seriousness in my eyes, remembers who the fuck they are talking to and not their pre-learned rhetoric and then cautiously laugh with me. Vocalising an agreement that it’s probably more likely that I will rape someone than ever be raped, if I had to be put in either box.

I was not a non-native in my home country, though now I can be considered foreign as I am an expatriate. So far living in Australia, China and Germany I have never felt any kind of injustice towards me for my skin colour, sex or lack of language. I feel there are injustices against me for my low politeness, ie for being an arsewhole. But that’s not anything ever discussed by the populists.

I am not generally someone who has seen things taken from me due to anything other than my lack of skill. I don’t ever think I’ve been passed off for a job due to my vagina. It’s not something that I ever considered to be fair, and I doubt that was ever an issue. Be aware that Australia is a country which is quite egalitarian.

In statistics, Australian people don’t seem to care whether women earn more than men:

Problem if women have more income than husband

Alongside not thinking that men deserve a job more than a woman does:

Jobs scarce Men should have more right to a job than women

So be aware that this is my background raising. There are of course always issues between the sexes, but as Australia is pretty high on the democracy index I have not experienced injustices the same as some others I’d gather.

Similar to when at university I was pushed to ‘talk about my opinions on capital punishment’. Of course to which I replied I had no opinion and explained that as my homework instead. I have lived in a country that has had it outlawed since before I was born. I don’t have any actual experience with the subject, though I have tried to debate people whom hold each opposing view on it. Nobody seems to really get why they think its correct or not in my reality.

Nobody really looks into the statistics of whether it helps society or not. Whether it being legal, but your country only killing 3 people a year with it is superficial misuse. Kind of like having a jar of cookies, and then saying but its only there just incase guests come over, whom never do. Implying that societies that culturally say that they are for the death penalty, must want it like cookies to just be there as a part of their culture, but then choosing never to use it because inherently thinking its bad. I actually personally don’t know. I have never once met anyone whom really knows what they think.

A lot of people ‘roughly base their opinions on their cultural worldview’ and then stick with that. you live in Japan and its legal, well your likely for it. Live in a country like Australia where its illegal, well your probably against it. Very few people differ from that cultural norm, and those who do generally do it from environmental causes. Ie, you know someone whom has been harmed from it, you fear it happening to you, etc. But nobody really knows, ‘why’ its good or bad. They just cite its justice or injustice, which is a dead argument. For me, the rise of populism and alt-right/alt-left pressure to pick a side has been interesting under the respect of this concept of having no view. Trying to work out whether I have a view or not, where I sit now, and trying to work out where I have sat before.

I’ve looked into both sides and found flaw and agreement. Whilst I definitely disagree with a lot of mgtow (goes very ‘arabic virgins’ in some parts of it), I also radically feel empowered by the basis of their men’s rights arguments which is integral to my purpose of being. I like men, I like protecting men’s ability to become men. I’m for other people wanting to do that.

I’ve also sat in scenarios and wondered why I don’t hear more things by women. Though, I have considered whether I have bias in this, of which I have found that I do. Then trying to work out whether my integral bias towards men is nature or nurture, or whether its just the things I want to consume society decides are more masculine so are filled with more men. So if I want to follow my tastes, I encounter more men. Or in desiring to see more women in hegemonic masculine tropes in movies, which I feel myself akin to as I am a highly assertive female. Desire for more places I have stronger psychological projection. I’ve encountered the bechdel test in my analysis, I’ve felt hollywood scraping out the gingers, or putting ultra-fame into positions of opposite ethnicity is weird. I have had these times, so I get some of the basis of the alt-left too.

So firstly, I want to explain to you my background a little so you understand how I formulate my views.

To open with a heavy hitter. When I was 17 years old, I held a party at my house. This was quite common, my mother taught me to be a good host, and I always maintained a good amount of respect for the household with my friends. Having about 50 people at my house was not a stresser, as my mother’s dream was to obtain a nice house and skimped and saved for years to obtain one. Living in much poorer suburbs than she was used to for a long time until my parents had the money to build their own house. My mother being originally born in the Northern Beaches of Sydney, and my father from the Inner City, Balmain area. They moved out far into Western Sydney and saved for quite a few years until they could afford to build their own house in an area they considered financially smart. This was my mother’s dream and my father to this day says if mum hadn’t pushed him, he never would have done something like that.

I went to a public high school in an affluent area, Castle Hill. Alongside this, I had friends from all over the Sydney region due to my choices as a teenager. I chose to be in the middle of a mixture of socioeconomic demographics. Castle Hill is a highly affluent area, travel from it one way and you get to the inner city and then to Sydney CBD. The affluence goes up. Travel in the other direction, towards Blacktown and Penrith and you get a lower socioeconomic variance. Though this is slowly changing over time as the Sydney metropolitan spans out to create more Satellite cities from the CBD due to population growth. So all areas are slowly becoming more and more affluent.

A lot of my school peers would have been erred to only veer ‘cityward’ in terms of social connections. Going clubbing in the city, and friend circles consisting of those from the immediate demographic.

Something changed for me at 16, three instances occurred. I got a job a little into the lower socioeconomic side of Western Sydney and developed a friend circle from this. A primary school friend and one of my high school friends decided that the three of us would engage with a mixed demographic group in the city region of Sydney once a week on Saturdays. Alongside this, those two same friends and I became acquainted with a few alumni students and their social circle from two years above us.

I shall refer to these three groups as, ‘city goths’, ‘work crew’, and ‘older boys’ (whilst definitely not all males, the alumni portion was a small group of males from within a larger social circle so this was how I named it). Alongside this I had my traditional, ‘school friends’.

I will enact a story now involving some of these aspects. So when I was about 17, I held this party with a mix of the older boys and my school friends on this occasion. At one point I recall being called outside to a form of argument, standing in the opened backdoor, I remember looking out to a very pissed off friend of mine from the older boy group. Whom had been having a bit of a spat with my black gay friend. I of course hadn’t even considered the conflict of interest. The older male friend, had quite a few swatstika tattoos and was a very typical built skinhead. My younger black friend, was reasonably camp and was raised in a pretty coveted privileged area I’d imagine. My older friend turned to me and said, that if it wasn’t my house and hadn’t respected me so much, he would be behaving very differently to my other friend. I remember this moment only because I realised that he respected me enough to control some very integral beliefs he had. I liked him as a person and from what I understood, he had a rough raising and he was allowed to hold whatever beliefs he wanted. He respected me, and treated me fairly, that’s what mattered to our friendship. My black friend was miffed at the occurrence but I think my skinhead friend was way too scary for anything to occur from his end.

Why I tell this story, is not to define the events, but to show my character in this. The skinhead knew not to make a scene because he knew I wouldn’t stand for a disruption in civility. Whatever had happened, whatever everyone stood for, it didn’t matter because at my parties, everything was ‘all good’. Everyone would fucking enjoy themselves, and if you broke that clause, you were in the wrong. No matter the scenario, civility must be kept for the event to be held.

My friends throughout my life have encompassed those from the alt-right, right, left, and alt-left. I have had all spectrum of people in my environment and see no flaw in anyone’s innate design of choice. I just like people. I like to learn. I like to hear stories.

I am attracted to deviancy in people. I see it as highly interesting. If a person engages in behaviours society claims are incorrect, I am interested, as this spurs my intelligence to understanding all walks of life that are usually hidden from me. I regard my childhood as coveted. As … (this is being edited)

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