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      Pages currently being edited β-casomorphins Research – Casein Research – Opioid peptides Research … This page is not filled yet, this is just from a few folders I’ve copied… Acrylamide Acrylamide An Update on Current Knowledge in Analysis, Levels in Food, Mechanisms of Formation, and Potential Strategies of Control Acrylamide formation during […]

Research Beauty

Research Beauty This is prelimary research before looking up studies. Blue Light causing Skin Damage Visceral wall linings of cells decaying on the skin, being the cause of wrinkles, and raw food having the nutrients to rebuild this wall lining (arguably reversing ageing)   « Back

Ergonomics Research

Ergonomics Research: Comparison of Flat and Curved Monitors: Eyestrain Caused by Intensive Visual Search Task [PDF] Quotes If the Chair Fits [PDF] Quotes « Back

IQ Research

Peer-Reviewed Studies circulating around the topic of IQ and Intelligence across an International Spectrum… – IQ Research.