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Moderately Low in Enthusiasm

When I am around others I can laugh a lot, to more than regular amount, but enthusiasm means the “desire” to do so.

I don’t often want to smile or laugh. I get too busy with what I doing. When I do laugh and smile, I do with all my focus and I find it consuming and enjoyable.

Though I very often fall into my own little focused world which is not focused on enjoyment, but on determination with a range of tasks in some form or another. I don’t commonly feel I have the time to enjoy myself too much. Even when doing something that is meant to be enjoyable I tend to make a job out of it. Though I love to enjoy myself and have fun, I just do it “less” than others.

In general, when meeting me, I act enthusiastic especially on first meeting. Though when alone, my enthusiasm is practically non-existant except upon completion of hard and lengthy tasks.

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