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Neoliberalism Belief – Neoliberalism Opinion

Neoliberalism Belief – Neoliberalism Opinion:

Neoliberalism Belief - Neoliberalism Opinion

In the topic of neoliberalism; I accept there is some extreme validity to capitalism in the 1940s to the 1980s. The turbo-capitalism we have today that is fuelled by the stupidity of fiat, and the economic imperialism of the American empire. For me that is worth a severe dislike if there is anything worth disliking.

I dislike systems being run as for-profit organisations in some countries, like schooling and prisons. The state of the American prison system is a fucking world joke (take your pick).

Schooling is not-for-profit in a lot of Europe as a better take on it, or a closer look to my life would be that my father’s university degree was free and mine cost a thick bit of money. Though there was no difference in quality or ability for the country to give it for free, though basic schooling is still free they have put on a heavy price tag to university. It is now much harder to get a job without a university degree so it is generally considered mandatory. I have been a part of, seen, read and watched enough, to believe I have enough understanding to formulate that as my opinion.

Neoliberalism Belief - Neoliberalism Opinion - Tuitions rise salaries don't

Tertiary education fees – high: Australia’s tertiary fees are the fifth highest in OECD countries, after Canada, Japan, Korea and the US; and they have been growing fast. Bachelor’s degrees cost on average 20% more than they did a decade ago, and master’s degrees – which are the world’s second most expensive after the US – cost 85% more than a decade ago. Fees for international students are even higher.” Source.

I dislike for-profit corporates receiving legal rights as a Forum (youtube vs prager u (lawyer discussing)) and obliterating free speech rights as a private corporate even though claiming operation as a public enterprise.

A good documentary to watch on some of the issues is called The Corporation. I’ve watched it over and over, such a fantastic movie. Quite a few people I already knew are in it, so I reeeee’d excitedly when they came on. I actually quote the rep’ talking about the chips reasonably often to people.

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