Siren Watcher Psychology Profile

Psychology Profile Agreeableness

Siren Watcher Psychology Profile Agreeableness:

20% Agreeableness (the primary dimension of care for others)

Psychology Profile Agreeableness

The mean percentile for women in a general population (women and men) is 61.5. For men it is 38.5.


Agreeableness has two aspects:

48%Compassion (the tendency to empathically experience the emotion of others)

7%Politeness (the proclivity to abide by interpersonal norms)


Low in Agreeableness

  • Not so nice: stubborn, dominant, harsh, skeptical, competitive, and even predatory.
  • Straightforward and blunt, so you know where you stand.
  • Strongly tend towards dominance rather than submission.
  • Seen by others as competitive, colder, tougher and less empathetic.
  • Willing to engage in conflict, less concerned about the emotional state of others, and will sacrifice peace and harmony to make a point or get things done.
  • Don’t easily feel pity.
  • Difficult for them to be taken advantage of.
  • They can cooperate, when cooperation is in their interest, but very much appreciate competition.
  • Will not easily lose arguments, or avoid discussions, and can enjoy the battle.
  • Good at bargaining for themselves, or negotiating for more power or recognition so are likely to have higher salaries.
  • They tend not to sacrifice medium-to-long term stability and function, for the sake of short-term peace.
  • Can be seen as overbearing.
  • Disagreeable people prefer systematizing over empathizing, and are more interested in things – machines and technology. Such as engineering and construction.


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