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63% Conscientiousness

(associated with duty, precision and responsibility)

Conscientiousness Siren Watcher Psychology Profile

The mean percentile for women in a general population (women and men) is 51.5. For men it is 49.5.

Conscientiousness has two aspects:

88% Industriousness (the ability to engage in sustained, goal-directed effort)

25% Orderliness (the tendency to schedule, organize and systematize)

Moderately High in Conscientiousness
  • Tend to slog away at a task until finished.
  • Work reasonably hard and do not want to waste time.
  • If a moderately conscientious person promises to do something, they will do it.
  • Decisive, neat, organized, future-oriented, and reliable.
  • They like to have everything in its proper place, but are not particularly obsessed with detail.
  • Somewhat prone to guilt (although they organize their lives so that they have comparatively little to feel guilty about).
  • More sensitive than average to shame, self-disgust and self-contempt.
  • React comparatively poorly to failure.
  • Committed to the idea of personal responsibility.
  • Believe that hard work and diligence will and should be rewarded.
  • They might micro-manage and exert too much control.

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