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89% Extraversion

 (associated with positive emotion)

Extraversion Siren Watcher Psychology Profile

The mean percentile for women in a general population (women and men) is 52. For men it is 48.

Extraversion has two aspects:

36%Enthusiasm (spontaneous joy and engagement)

99% – Assertiveness (social dominance, often verbal in nature)

Very High in Extraversion
  • Is enthusiastic, talkative, assertive in social situations, and gregarious.
  • Highly energized by social contact, and craves it.
  • Finds great pleasure in planning parties, telling jokes, making people laugh, and taking part in community activities.
  • Experience far above average optimism about the future.
  • Tends to tell everyone everything, very self-disclosing.
  • Warm up rapidly to other people.
  • Speak first and most often in meetings.
  • Can be extremely captivating and convincing.
  • Will often be the first to act.
  • Make strikingly enthusiastic employees.
  • Highly impulsive.
  • Very high in extraversion are highly dominant in social situations, particularly if they are also low in agreeableness.

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