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94% Intellect

(interest in abstract concepts and ideas)

Psychology Profile Intellect

The mean percentile for women in a general population (women and men) is 56.5. For men it is 44.5.

Very High in Intellect
  • Interested in ideas and abstract concepts.
  • Crave exposure to novel information, even when it is complex.
  • Highly curious and exploratory, and actively want to find, tackle and solve challenging problems.
  • Will much more frequently seek out and initiate issue-oriented discussions, and are very likely to read, think about and want to discuss idea-centered books (generally non-fiction).
  • Markedly articulate, and can formulate ideas clearly and quickly.
  • A broad and wide vocabulary.
  • Continually want to learn new things.
  • Will constantly find and generate novel, creative concepts and voluntarily search for and adapt very well to new experience and situations.
  • Find complex, rapidly changing occupations necessary and will generally excel at them.
  • Very much less well-suited to stable, straightforward and more traditional occupations, where the rules don’t change, and will experience frequent periods of boredom and intolerable levels of frustration in such positions.

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