Siren Watcher Psychology Profile

Psychology Profile Neuroticism

Siren Watcher Psychology Profile Neuroticism:

64% Neuroticism (negative emotion)

Psychology Profile Neuroticism

The typical woman is higher in neuroticism than 60% of the general population of men and women combined.


Neuroticism has two aspects:

31%Withdrawal (the tendency to avoid in the face of uncertainty)

86%Volatility (the tendency to become irritable and upset when things go wrong)


Moderately High in Neuroticism

  • Somewhat more likely to think that things have gone wrong in the past, are going wrong now, and will continue to go wrong into the future.
  • A bit more likely to be unhappy, anxious and irritable when just thinking or remembering, and when they encounter a genuine problem.
  • Have lower than average levels of self-esteem.
  • High levels of neuroticism may interfere somewhat with both success and satisfaction in relationships and career, with the strongest effect on relationships.
  • Slightly more concern about mental and physical health.
  • Will be less likely to pursue or enjoy recreational, career, financial and social situations where the possibility of loss is high.
  • Concerned with maintaining their current status, rather than enhancing it.


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