Siren Watcher Psychology Profile

Psychology Profile Openness to Experience

Siren Watcher Psychology Profile Openness to Experience:

91% Openness to Experience (interest in ideas and aesthetics)

Psychology Profile Openness to Experience

Women and men differ very little in openness to experience at the trait level, although there are differences in the aspect levels.

Openness has two aspects:

84% Openness (creativity and aesthetic sensitivity)

94%Intellect (interest in abstract concepts and ideas)


Very High in Openness

  • Extremely likely to be characterized by others as uncommonly smart, creative, exploratory, intelligent and visionary.
  • Strikingly interested in learning, and are constantly acquiring new abilities and skills.
  • Very curious and exploratory.
  • Very interested in abstract thinking, philosophy, and the meaning of belief systems and ideologies.
  • Will seek out cultural events such as movies, concerts, dance recitals, plays, poetry readings, gallery openings and art shows.
  • Unusually likely to enjoy writing, or even to be driven to write.
  • Enjoy complex, abstract ideas and love to confront and solve complex, abstract and multi-dimensional problems.
  • Uncommonly likely to be prolific readers, with an unusually wide range of interests.
  • Have an uncommonly broad and deep vocabulary.
  • Can think and learn with striking speed.
  • Frequently proficient at formulating new ideas, and very strongly tend to be articulate.
  • Can see old things in strikingly new ways.
  • Can formulate any single problem in an uncommonly diverse range of ways, and can generate an atypically large number of problem-solving solutions.
  • Will continually seek change, often to make things better, but also just for the sake of change.
  • Does not do well in situations or occupations that are routinized and predictable.
  • Does not fit in at all well at the bottom of hierarchies.
  • Uncommonly ill-suited to entry-level, repetitive, rote positions, because they are always thinking up new ways to do things, and such ideas are seldom welcome from someone at the bottom.
  • Are very radical thinkers.
  • They shake things up, particularly if they are also disagreeable and assertive.
  • Entrepreneurial in spirit, as well as smart and creative.
  • Very much higher than average interest in creating new ventures, sometimes for profit, sometimes for curiosity, and sometimes for personal transformation.
  • Tend to be interested in everything, this can make it hard for them to settle on a single path in life, to specialize to a necessary degree, and to create an integrated identity. Combination of high openness to experience and high neuroticism continually undermine their own convictions and beliefs by incessant questioning and make themselves lost and anxious.


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