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84% Openness

(creativity and aesthetic sensitivity)

Psychology Profile Openness

The mean percentile for women in a general population (women and men) is 45. For men it is 55.

High in Openness
  • Highly open, creative people love beauty.
  • Need an outlet for their creative ability, or they have difficulty thriving.
  • They want to be surrounded by art or beautiful crafts.
  • Are sensitive to color and architectural form.
  • Like to collect things.
  • They are imaginative, and like to daydream and reflect on things.
  • Are affected comparatively deeply by music, often of many genres, and may be musical or artistic themselves.
  • Respond strongly to beauty, creativity and art.
  • Can be extremely difficult to transform creativity into money, or into a career.
  • High levels of openness are necessary for entrepreneurial success, and often prove useful at the top of hierarchies, even in very conservative occupations such as banking, accounting and law, which need creative people in leadership positions to provide new vision and direction.

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