Siren Watcher Psychology Profile

Psychology Profile Orderliness

Siren Watcher Psychology Profile Orderliness:

25% Orderliness (the tendency to schedule, organize and systematize)

Psychology Profile Orderliness

The mean percentile for women in a general population (women and men) is 54.5. For men it is 45.5.


Moderately low in Orderliness

  • Neither disturbed nor disgusted by mess and chaos, they tend simply not to notice such things.
  • Sees the world in shades of grey, rather than black and white.
  • Non-judgmental in their attitudes toward themselves and others.
  • Rarely use schedules, list, or routines and, even if they plan, tend not to implement those plans.
  • Take things as they come, and let chance determine the outcome.
  • Takes neither rules nor procedures too seriously.
  • Care less than average for routine and predictability.
  • Schedules are loose and disruption doesn’t bother them.
  • Are easily distracted.
  • They can, however, tolerate the mess, disruption and intervening periods of chaos that may accompany creative endeavour.


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