Siren Watcher Psychology Profile

Psychology Profile Volatility

Siren Watcher Psychology Profile Volatility:

86% Volatility (the tendency to become irritable and upset when things go wrong)

Psychology Profile Volatility

The mean percentile for women in a general population (women and men) is 57.5. For men it is 42.5.


High in Volatility

  • Can be irritable, reacting strongly to disappointment, frustration, pain and the threat of social isolation.
  • Can lash out and are relatively easily annoyed.
  • More likely to act out or verbally express their frustration, disappointment and irritability.
  • Can be stirred up and upset and, once angry or irritated, take a longer than average time to calm down.
  • Can be argumentative and lose their composure.
  • Can be provocative in a dispute.


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