Relocation Belief – Relocation Opinion


Relocation Belief – Relocation Opinion:

This is a checklist of how I determine what countries I want to live in. Those that adhere to more things, rather than less are higher on my list of places to live in.

Be aware, some of these concerns below don’t affect me independently. They can affect the general well-being of my culture and I feel that if they are not respected it is more likely to introduce violence through prohibition spurring black market traders. I like my economy to ‘take care of as many people as possible’, not exclude people under the premise of bad science or far-right archaic cultural norms.

No fluoride in the water.

The reason this topic is so widely researched is because in some areas natural fluoride exists in the water. Countries like India and China actually pay truckloads of money to remove it from their water supply due to the severe side affects on health fluoride has, that studies have shown from all over the world.

In some countries like Australia and America a chemical bi-product of the fertiliser industry is added to the water supply in the form of fluoride (in difference to the natural fluoride). This is known to have even worse side effects than natural fluoride, from that I understand. The latter discussion is just a few of the 50+ studies I have on the issue just to give a bit of an outline as to why I’m so against it. Upon learning these facts, I switched to boxed water in Australia, and if I had of stayed rather than leaving the country, I would have bought a filtration system that removed fluoride (which most don’t), but that doesn’t affect children situations where you are eating foods fed with fluoridated water, or have a shower with osmosis or buy bottled fluoridated water when outside.

As its proven in small amounts to:

  • To begin with, it doesn’t actually do anything for tooth decay:
  • Causes osteoporosis
    • (will add)
  • Erodes your pineal gland.
    • Image.
    • “In conclusion, this study presented evidence that fluoride readily accumulates in the aged pineal. Fluoride may also accumulate in a child’s pineal because significant amounts of calcification have been demonstrated in the pineals from young children… In fact, calcification of the developing enamel organs and the pineal gland occur concurrently. If fluoride does accumulate in the child’s pineal (this needs verification), these pinealocytes will be exposed to relatively high local concentrations of fluoride. This could affect pineal metabolism in much the same way that high local concentrations of fluoride in the developing enamel organ effect ameloblast function.”  National Library of Medicine.
    • “… the pineal gland may be considered the most fluoride-saturated organ of the human body. It has been observed that the fluoride content in pineal gland apatite is higher than in any other natural apatite and may even reach 21000 mg/kg. It is also worth noting that pineal glands in the study by Tharnpanich et al. were collected from deceased persons aged 33 to 91 years (mean 67 years), who had inhabited an area with low fluoride contamination, which is a strong argument for the idea that a smaller or larger accumulation of fluoride in the gland occurs even when the organism is not exposed to particularly large amounts of fluorine compounds in the environment… a study on the processes of sleep regulation among older adults in the United States. Higher water fluoride levels were connected with higher odds of participants reporting snorting, gasping, or apnea, while sleeping at night. Additionally, adolescents who lived in areas with higher fluoride levels in tap water experienced more frequent daytime sleepiness. The authors were of the opinion that fluoride exposure may contribute to increased pineal gland calcification and subsequent decreases in nighttime melatonin production that contribute to sleep disturbances.” Applied Sciences.
  • Puts fluorosis on your teeth.
  • Lowers IQ through neurotoxicity.
    • Studies from around the world.
    • “… in a community with stable lifetime fluoride exposures supports the notion that fluoride in drinking water may produce developmental neurotoxicity,” International Society for Fluoride Research.
    • “This study suggested that PP [buffalo pineal proteins] and MEL [melatonin] can be useful in control of neurotixicity induced by fluoride.” Biological Trace Element Research.
    • (will add more)
  • Lowers sperm count.
    • “In other words, reproduction is a process that is exposed to serious oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is considered to be an accepted  mechanism of fluorosis according to the findings from numerous studies in animals and people living in high fluoride areas. Fluorine is a highly active ionized element, so it can disturb oxygen metabolism and causes the increase in the generation of O2− free radicals which prompt the formation of diverse other radicals as hydrogen peroxide, peroxynitrite, and hydroxyl. The effectiveness of various antioxygen application, such as vitamin C, vitamin E, and Nacetylcysteine, against oxidative stress of reproductive system induced by fluoride, indicated the reliability of this mechanism. Furthermore, the F-induced oxidative stress always results in obvious lipid peroxidation. In this study, the disrupted membrane structure of the mitochondrial also conveyed the existence of oxidative stress in testis and epididymis of mice from the 100 mg NaF/L group. The antioxidative ability of testis and epididymis to protect sperm from detrimental effects of oxidation stress is an important factor for reproductive toxicity induced by fluoride. A growing body of evidence showed that excessive fluoride exposure in hibits the activities of superoxide dismutase and catalase in testis of different animals.” Biological Trace Element Research.
  • There is lots of arguments that Nazi’s used fluoride.
  • I think its a waste of taxpayer money to buy chemical fluoride from offshore, to then import it, then to put it in the water supply, etc. Especially as there is so much argument it does more damage than good. Maybe societies should just teach people to eat less crap that erodes their teeth. Sugar is the worst fucking thing for your teeth, then maybe you wouldn’t need to offset it by swallowing dangerous fucking chemicals. Maybe… update your food pyramid to something that’s actually scientific as a guide for people. Maybe have government regulation on the ingredients of Fast Food corporate products.
  • The issue is because it’s forced medication. It’s a chemical, forced onto you, you have no choice. And as all studies say, they cannot and do not ask how much water each individual consumes per day. An athlete drinking maybe 10 litres of water a day, might have a totally different intake of the drug than a toddler taking in only 500ml.
  • Similar to acrylamide, its compounded by amount and every human is unique in what they consume. If you’re eating a diet high in fluoridated water, and drinking on top of that; its compounded. Like if you drink beer,  . If you live in a country which imports a lot of your produce or bottled drinks from non/fluoridated countries, that causes a change in your algorithm, etc. There is so much compounded data, JUST to spend a lot of taxpayer money on cleaning the teeth in your stomach. It’s just illogical in my opinion.
Banning of GMOs.

I followed this case:

(will adjust this with links later).

Didn’t have coronavirus lockdown.

Massive brownie points to Sweden, Taiwan, Belarus, South Korea, etc for being the only scientific countries left on the planet.

That Taiwan and South Korea are two very high up there on the IQ index for countries, that ads to my interest also.

Countries with at least medical marijuana legalisation.

Extra kudos for recreational marijuana legalisation like the ACT and Canada.

BPA, Aspestos and BST are illegal.

You know… the normal stuff along that road too. Stuff that’s been outlawed in most countries for like 20 years.

Has a decent population of A blood type people.

As they are more likely to have similar diets to me and so arguably more food variety for my stomach in those countries.

A nice flag.

Favourite colours are orange, yellow, red, and light blue.

I grew up thinking this was a cool flag.

A history of occultism

(complicated word to a layman, probably doesn’t mean what you think it does by definition).

Looking at you Pagan hereditary countries.

More kudos to countries who have it still operational in some contexts, such as in India.

Strong support for entrepreneurial models.

Looking at countries with Artist Visa programs like Germany, Spain and the Czech Republic.

Or countries with intrinsic ethos beliefs like Mittelstand in terms of supporting small businesses get off the ground and stay alive.

Or countries with some sort of Kurzarbeit system to protect both businesses and employees.

This is a complicated thing to describe, as there is rankings based on the perspective opportunities in making a new business in countries, such as educated population, access to resources, etc: example. Then there are other rankings based on how many other people around you are entrepreneurs, making a good working environment and a stable infrastructure of doing so: example.

Free or cheap education.

As I love to study, and I will likely breed so looking at countries with stupidly high education costs is a big turn off.

By cheap I mean… okay well say in the Netherlands for university it is 2000€ per year, in comparison to 12000€ per year in Australia. The Netherlands is pretty much free in comparison, so by definition inexpensive. There can be a wide difference between cost of education in countries.

Progressive prostitution laws.

Legalisation is preferred, decriminalisation is respectable.

    • To explain for me;
      • When I was in high school one of the societies we studied in history was Pompeii. Pompeii taxed prostitutes as as profession. So when I see a country not having legalised prostitution, I see them as more archaic than a historical society.
      • It conflicts with the ‘present and modern’ cultural image societies are trying to use to make them alluring for immigration. As I see them as less modern than a long dead society. It’s that distasteful for me.
      • Men will always use prostitutes. It’s been happening since the dawn of time, trade for sex is not an evil thing. No different to you wanting to pay for a plumber because you don’t have time to learn everything in the world. You don’t have to do every job, no job is made for everyone. Prostitution is not going anywhere. Making anything black market is dangerous for society.
      • Legalising it makes everyone able to get help if something goes wrong. Being able to say, ‘I’ll call the cops’ is a powerful protective tool for citizens to regulate the Other. Which is something removed from prostitutes whilst working, so banning prostitution is removing human rights of protection. If your country has a ‘no hitting women’ rule, they should also have a ‘prostitutes have rights to be protected’ rule, as they go hand in hand.
      • Prostitution has a low barrier for entry, whether illegal or legal, and there is a huge range of variety in skill. Prostitution, like some video games, is built to have a high skill ceiling innately. Banning it because it has a low barrier for entry, and you ‘don’t like it’ is kind of like banning esports because its not basketball. It doesn’t make any sense to me personally. Your partner wont turn into a basketballer if its legal, and your partner wont magically turn into a cheater if its legal. People who don’t want to see a prostitute, don’t even if its legalised. If a person wanted to pay for sex, they would go black market or legal market. There is no difference for buyers.
      • Similar studies have shown that with things like marijuana and alcohol prohibition. Same amounts of people take drugs regardless if its legal or illegal. All your doing is allowing your government to obtain more taxes, and allowing people to be able to be normal members of society. Like they earn by being citizens.
Pro-Bitcoin countries:

Countries by legality. Ones who have put through laws making it legal tender are likely to be the next ‘boom’ countries and probably where you want to be living if you care about high quality of life. This is due to those countries being hot havens for the progressive to want to live (people like the tons of bitcoin billionaires etc for example).

Places like Wyoming, USA (article and interview with Politician who put through a few of the laws).

Top ten friendly countries.

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