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The excerpt to give some kind of explanation starts at 8:09 minutes, of this video. My belief, especially in a more pagan worldview, is that what he describes at 11:23 is accurate. Whether this is a part of entanglement (collective consciousness), and/or is projectionist, is the real question I have. Though I fundamentally am of the opinion that is an accurate premise of consciousness, and if asked would name this as my belief. I believe that all matter inherently has the ability to… well… under the premise that energy never dies, and just transmutes. I am of the belief that all matter inherently knows this. That transmutation is possible. I guess is one way to word it.

For more on this subject, these are my two favourite talks so far that I have found:

Global Warming


  • The Great Global Warming Swindle [an easy-to-watch documentary showing the confuzzling science of climate science, how it’s math is manipulated and where Co2 actually comes from].
  • Planet of the Humans [Talking about the fallacies in renewable energy – it will take some time to load the page from, give it a bit of time].


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