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Siren Watcher Education

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Siren Watcher Education:

Over the course of my academic life I have studied different disciplines circulating around; culture, society, communication and linguistics. With specific emphasis on Journalism, Sociology and Anthropology.

During high school my latter years focused on Computing, Business Studies, Ancient History and English. I had 3 separate English classes for my end of compulsory schooling education certificate, with the two advanced units being optional add-ons.

I consider myself an entrepreneur, and I am consumed by the concept of creating things for the benefit of society. I find my studies in sociology and anthropology are very likely a reflection of this desire. As it involves the study of analysis of humans. I also like psychology though I have some confliction with the medication side of the psychiatry in terms of inflated rates of misdiagnosis, so I leaned towards Sociology instead.

My studies into communication, writing and journalism disciplines stem from my deep desire to write published works. Whether in academic literature, novellas, novels, articles, and whatever form they may take. During my high school years I spent an extensive portion of my time writing novellas and then when finishing schooling, that major discipline won out as my first interaction with higher education. Though I had no great desire at the time to create anything but novels. Later I have found myself involved in the desire to create academic literature, and research studies.

My end-goal profession is within Sexology. My eventual job description hypothetically being a Sexologist, whom is involved in research studies surrounding the topic of ‘sex’ in culture and society. Using the route of study in Sociology and Anthropology towards that goal. Especially as Sexology is a niche field I think its important to ingrain myself in other disciplines also.

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Siren Watcher Education:

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