Siren Watcher Psychology Profile

Siren Watcher Psychology Profile

Siren Watcher Psychology Profile:

This test was designed by Jordan Peterson, a Canadian clinical psychologist. He is a professor for the University of Toronto, and has authored or co-authored more than a hundred academic papers.

A psychological profile is split into 5 areas, which have 2 sections each. A higher percentage means the trait exhibits more in the personality, a lower percentage means the person uses this feature less.

These are my percentages for each;

89% Extraversion (associated with positive emotion)

    • 36%Enthusiasm (spontaneous joy and engagement)
    • 99% – Assertiveness (social dominance, often verbal in nature)

64% Neuroticism (negative emotion)

    • 31% Withdrawal (the tendency to avoid in the face of uncertainty)
    • 86% Volatility (the tendency to become irritable and upset when things go wrong)

20% Agreeableness (the primary dimension of care for others)

    • 48% Compassion (the tendency to empathically experience the emotion of others)
    • 7% Politeness (the proclivity to abide by interpersonal norms)

63% Conscientiousness (associated with duty, precision and responsibility)

    • 88% Industriousness (the ability to engage in sustained, goal-directed effort)
    • 25% Orderliness (the tendency to schedule, organize and systematize)

91% Openness to Experience (interest in ideas and aesthetics)

    • 84% Openness (creativity and aesthetic sensitivity)
    • 94%Intellect (interest in abstract concepts and ideas)


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