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I am someone who generally has a lot of research interests across a huge bevy of disciplines. These are some collations of data I commonly research and try to keep up with as new research is procured. This section is meant to show that I have an avid interest in research fields, and what specifically sways my interest. These are not my own published research, this is collated data on subjects that I keep in my personal collection. Topics with a symbol next to them have a large amount of research.

This section is still being filled. As I have thousands of studies to go through to be listed on here. Alongside trying to find free public sources to share the studies, and writing the summary sections I need to have saved for each entry. So this will take time to collate. There are some sections already filled, but this is a splattering. Over the next few years this part of the website should be filled and updated regularly with new studies I encounter.

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This is not extensive.

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