CV Resume


This section delves into some relevant skills that are related to a Professional environment which have been acquired through education, working and personal life.


Results of Mensa IQ test in the UK. Discussion on personality type related to IQ. Hereditary discussion around personal IQ.

Personal and random skills that can be a utility within working professions. Such as Typing Speed, Driver’s Licence, Foreign Residency, Researching, and Truthfulness.

Skills traditionally used by the employment industry; technical writing, article writing, teaching ability, complex systems understanding, social relations, troubleshooting (software and hardware issues), high Attention to Detail, International relations, etc.

Computer software I have been academically trained to learn, or have learnt through personal endeavors. Examples of Microsoft Excel / LibreOffice Calculator, Microsoft Word / LibreOffice Writer, Microsoft Powerpoint / LibreOffice Impress, Photoshop / Gimp, Final Cut Pro / Kdenlive / Openshot Video Editor, ProTools / Audacity, InDesign, and Windows / Linux: Ubuntu Distribution / Linux Pop! OS Distribution.

Technical hardware I have acquired indepth knowledge about using and building. Related to Computers and Cameras.

Entrepenurial pursuits such as; Australian Registered Business, Website Design, German Registered Business, Online Bookshop, and Jewellery Design.

Experiences working through Remote Work, and Independently. Also in Small Team, Large Team, Small Business, and Large Business.

Personal qualities such as; Reliable, Inventive, Creative, Teaching, Memory, Logical, and Brand Image.

Schooling and languages learnt, and languages desiring to learn.

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