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A red dot means I stayed in that area for at least a few days and experienced the location. If I go to a country for a layover of only 1 night, it is not included in the map above.


From the age of 18 and throughout my 20s (predominantly early 20s), I moved to a new house every 3-6 months. This was my way of traveling whilst being an online student. Sharehouses are incredibly popular in Australia due to the housing bubble so moving house frequently isn’t hard. I lived in some strange houses, some far out places, and even drove a van down from Mackay to Sydney over 2 weeks.

I am not adverse to settling down in a country and travelling for vacations. I have lived at my current property for over 2 years now. Though I do enjoy traveling to non-tourist regions and staying for periods of time. This will likely be a part of my business one day, to be a consultant or speaker whom travels across the globe in short burst periods for events or consultations.

I knew once I left the country I would not be likely to return. I bought a ticket to Cambodia once, and to India once: though I never went. I always wanted to go overseas, but felt it wasn’t responsible to my family to do so. I gave them as long as I could, trying to slowly ease them into the idea, and then at about 28 I relocated and have been living overseas since.

If I ever was to move back to Australia to live, it would be to Perth in WA. Though I do not think this is likely and it far more likely that I pursue financial stability and raising a family outside of my birth country. Currently, I return to Sydney biennially for a few days at Christmas, and this alone is sometimes too long due to the disconnection I feel with the land.


I lived in China teaching English for approx a year.


I lived in Germany for 3 years and travelled to Britain on a few occassions.

Places I want to Travel to next


Obviously I want to travel everywhere, but these are my most desired ‘of right now’. This is for temporary travel, not moving neccessarily. With America I have very select places I want to go to, Death Valley, Texas, and New Orleans.














Northern NSW



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