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These are video or audio files that I would recommend. These can be used as a way to see what I have been researching, or doing, recently. Or a good place to stumble upon some interesting videos for you to watch. They are from a varied list of genres; from gaming, to psychology, to world history, to travel, etc. I have added some of these videos retroactively, so this order is not always ‘as I have viewed them’, but usually a video at the top of each category is the most recently viewed. Some of these videos will be a few minutes long, some will be many hours long.

Videos are uploaded into multiple categories, as I feared some people would only look at their primary interest/s field. Which is fine, but so I tried to place recommendations into ‘all’ of what they encompassed, therefore spanning sometimes over more than 1 category.

I have tried to upload as many free videos as I can. Such as private persons uploading others works, so do not take their view counts as representative. Some of the mainstream movies are given here as a trailer, with a request to go watch the movie on a streaming platform. Though most videos here are to full free videos from the original uploaders. Enjoy :).

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The Hobbit - Chibi Smaug Gif by Caycowa

Foggy Morning X by Coccineus

Family by Relina-ru

Game Night by Poetax

Spell Books by Tsabo6
Hidden Knowledge
Bear Zero [COMMISSION + SPEEDPAINT] by Arven 92

If I had to categorise my humour, I would say it is Black humour. I grew up a lot laughing at more traditional British humour; self-depricating, bitter, cynical, intelligent, etc. I like Monty Python and can quote a good lot of it off by heart as an example as I got given the boxset in my youth. Dylan Moran is a good example of cynicism.

I love a good Dad joke and I’m the idiot sniggering in the corner when everyone else thinks it’s lame.

I laugh when people hurt themselves. I’m that friend who tries to help you, whilst laughing so hard at you fucking up. People say my laughter is contageous. I tend to find really basic things utterly hilarious. Mocking reality, life, fears, knowledge, or one’s beliefs is the apex of what I find humorous. Though obviously these are hard lines to walk in appropriate and inappropriate, as people like George Carlin discuss. I would say I’m a non-conformist with spirituality (I am not singularly a part of any specific conforming religion), but that I am quite a spiritual person. So whilst I find the humour fantastic, there is a line to draw between showing someone different sides of their religion, and saying that believing in things is rediculous. As belief merely means knowledge. All science starts in a theory. Similar with mocking reality, many people dislike you mocking reality. Like mocking suffering, and the hardship of reality. People like Carl Barron do this well, where the poking is so relaxed. It’s like making a joke about your boss, that level of ‘is this appropriate or not’. As if they find out, you might get fired, lol.

I’m not a hard person to make laugh, I laugh at most things as I get bedazzled by people easily. If someone tries to make me laugh, I generally I appreciate the effort and don’t fight it too much. Though I know when I have really laughed hard, and there are different levels of status for what I consider humorous.

Some series examples of shows I have liked for their humour are: Rake, The IT Crowd, Black Books, Whitest Kids U’Know, Red vs Blue, Family Guy (this is my favourite episode), South Park, <to be more filled>.

Eden by Blumina
Avenge these Broken Hearts by Hellcorpceo
The Feast by Azimutth

I am an English teacher, so some of these are specifically relevant to understanding English itself. Some are about different kinds of accents, learning languages, comparisons between languages, humour about languages, etc.

Poster Anime Ancap Girl 2 by LiberAncap
Rahu, Lord of Darkness by Tonzat
HappyWolf by SheltieWolf
Matriception by Julian Faylona
Top Movies

Special mentions: Mr & Mrs Smith, Monty Python series…

Top Series

Other mentioned Series would be: Zoo (watched to season 3), Titans (watched to season 2), Shadowhunters (watched to season 3), Umbrella Academy (watched to season 1), Misfits, Death Note, Love Death & Robots, Archer (watched to season 10), The Witcher, Jack Taylor (watched to season 1), Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries (watched to season 3), Lost Girl, Lucifer (watched to season 1), Cold Case, Fringe, Red vs Blue, Murdoch Mysteries, Deadwood, Carnivàle, Heroes, Rosemary & Thyme, etc.

I had never watched Star Trek till later in life. Was more of a Stargate fan growing up, but I exceptionally enjoyed watching all the episodes in Star Trek: The Original Series, and Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Special mentions for other Detective shows that are quite good: Monk, Diagnosis Murder, Columbo, The X-Files, Criminal Minds, Bones, Castle, Elementary, The Mentalist, Sherlock, Numb3rs

Whilst I really like Black Mirror… an exceptionally high amount. I have only watched splattered around episodes so far. Black Mirror: Season 4 (Episode 1, 2, 3, 4), and Season 5 (Episode 1, 2, 3). Striking Vipers is my favourite episode so far.

I adore Robert Goren in Law and Order: Criminal Intent and, Patrick Jane from The Mentalist. You will see a general theme here. You can see in the videos for these two main male characters that there is a theme to their character’s personas. Generally this theme is also dealt with in Archer, Fringe, Castle, Monk, the X-Files, Sherlock, etc. The general theme in all these shows is an accentric man, and a grounded female. Sometimes the roles are reversed such as in Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, Bones, Cold Case, etc, in which there is a main eccentric female and a more grounded male character. The grounded character is used to ‘pull you from’ the eccentricity, as a form of realism (Conscientiousness) to bring back from the eccentric character’s presented open-minded absorption (Openness). The main character will ‘see more than others can see’. I took note of this reoccuring theme a while back, and have reasoned that I like a form of deep eccentricity as a form of entertainment. I enjoy especially to watch men as my form of entertainment. I still enjoy women of course, but I find it men are the dominant interest in my viewing. This also counts for live performances on platforms like Twitch where men have generally dominated my viewhing hours.

The other main theme is arsewholes, examples of Cleaver Greene from Rake, Al Swearengen from Deadwood, Sterling Archer from Archer, Nathan Young from Misfits, Bernard Black from Black Books, Mitch Morgan from Zoo, Sylar from Heroes, Grif and Tucker from Red vs Blue, etc. Generally the ‘arsewhole’ behaviour derives from intellect (such as Cleaver or Mitch), sexual prowess (such as Tucker and Swearengen, the latter of whom literally face fucks a chick on his balcony and runs a brothel), arrogance (such as Archer, Nathan and Grif), or an obsession with power (such as Sylar).

When I’m watching a show and it appeals to me because of the women, they tend to be like Lana Kane from Archer, Texas from Red vs Blue, Bo from Lost Girl, or Yennefer from The Witcher. Women whom are fiesty, brutal and/or powerful. Ie, women who are Low in Agreeableness or High in Extraversion (both can exert themselves as a form of outwardly dominance).

The two main themes of shows are detective, psychological thrillers or occult themed shows (such as Umbrella Academy, Fringe, Shadowhunters, Titans, The Witcher, X-Files, etc). Occult meaning ‘hidden’ by definition so in my tastes this generally involves the genre of magic realism but of course it can be argued that the detective genre is also occult as it involves uncovering something hidden. Shows like Criminal Minds, The Mentalist, Black Mirror, Cold Case, and Law and Order, all delve into a psychological element and sporting a thriller theme (through concepts of death, trauma, etc). This is theme is also pronounced in my movie (2) and video gaming likes.

There are a ton of movies and series I want to go back and watch. Like Lie To Me, or the James Bond series (of which I watched scattered around my childhood). The list itself is too long but here is a few I have collected so far, either ones I haven’t seen at all or want to watch again in the near future.

Childhood Movies and Shows

These were songs that were influential to me at times in my life.

Special mentions: Awake (album) by Godsmack, Business by Eminem (and whole The Eminem Show album)…

Special mentions: 15 (album) Black Butterfly (album) All Night Long (album) and Confessions (album) by Buckcherry, Crossfade (album) and Falling Away (album) by Crossfade, Talk That Talk (album) and Loud (album) by Rihanna…

Specific Purpose Videos

These videos are not neccessarily recommended in this section, unless curious. They are things I have watched for a specific purpose out of curiousity that I want to keep available if I need the links for something.

Future Watch List

Some of this list may come from people’s recommendations, or from me scrobbling, jumping from one thing to another from similarity.