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I had a very early computer model, which had a black screen, green text and the large-sized black floppy disks. I played early games like Jazzy Jack Rabbit and Duke Nukem on BIOS. Later getting into a few early PC games and consoles, including Sega-Mega Drive (genesis), Nintendo 64 and Gameboy

 I had an Uncle who worked in the telecommunications industry, and a younger brother who was enamoured with gaming. When I was about 10 years old (approximately), the three of us went with my father to buy our first stick of upgraded RAM. I remember crossing the street in Parramatta and being very excited about it. Was probably something like a 64, 128, or 256 stick as it was so long ago, but I remember enjoying it.

So from a young age I had an understanding of computer hardware and software. I can remember at a young age being very angry because our entire computer was 3GB and my brother had Diablo I which took up half the hard drive. There are lots of these kinds of fond memories I have about computers throughout my life.

I could always take apart my PC and clean it, and found it quite calming as a teenager. Taking out all the parts and removing the dust, to stop the fans making loud noises. Not losing screws still is my favourite game when doing that. Though I never fully built a PC from scratch, and my PCs were built for internet surfing, listening to music and my writing hobby; not for gaming.

Later I travelled around. Moving houses frequently. I spent most of my time on laptops as they were easier to travel with, and hanging out late at night in university computer labs.


When I was around 25 I decided to build my own PC from scratch. A gaming rig. In doing this I had to relearn some things I had forgotten and buy parts like a GPU which I had never bought before. Was interesting to catch up on all the information and advances since that time. Figure out what I needed, whether i sat on #intel or #amd, etc. Did some research on ergonomics, etc.

So far I have built an ITX, mATX and two Mid Case rigs. Was trying to see if I could make something ‘flight compatible’. Over time realised there is not a whole lot of difference between a Mid Case and the smaller variants in terms of bag capacity in terms of traditional luggage sizes.

Currently my computer has travelled with me from Australia, to China, the UK, and then to Germany. Probably my most required possession, and definitely one of my most cherished.


At 16, I got my ‘first’ job. I had two jobs prior to that but they were not independent. I worked as a waitress with a my mother once a week at 15, and delivered pamphlets with my brother for the 2 years prior. My first independent job was working for a supermarket chain and in Australia if you do not earn enough to meet a minimum threshold for earnings, the government refunds you the tax you had paid throughout the year. I did not meet this threshold my first year and got what I considered at 16 to be a chunk of money, a few hundred dollars. I was very excited and bought my first digital camera.

Since then I have had a variety, used professional high-grade DSLR cameras at college. I understand basics of white balance, exposure, etc.

If anything I do requires any form of photography, I am adept with this skill. You can see some of my photography as an adult on DeviantArt.

Photography Diploma of Journalism Siren Watcher

(image taken from Diploma of Journalism)

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