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I am adept at being able to look at close detail, to find flaws and edit. I tuned this skill from rewriting my own creative writing over my life, and also from maintaining websites.

Attention to Detail Diploma of Journalism Siren Watcher

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My brain, as I have high openness, thinks of many things at the same time. The enacting of my thought processes are that they move very quickly in multiple directions with an intense logical capacity. I have a great memory with these processes, and can explain how I reached my conclusions if asked within a short period of time.

As an example, I commonly finish peoples sentences before they do. Understanding what they are trying to explain even if it is complex. Most people are very grateful to know I understand what they mean with little effort on their part. I can logically derive the common thinking paths based on what I know of the person and the trajectory of where the words and non-verbal queues (emotions, body language, etc) are leading.

I have unique abstract thoughts, though when placed into an environment where the links between things are connected by an illogical connection I have a hard time connecting the system. I have to figure out the “code” to connect things, but when there is an illogical connection rather than a logical I struggle more. Sometimes the connection is illogical due to purposeful evasiveness or miscommunication.

In this section of the game Deponia, as an example, it was far too illogical for me to think of putting salt in a bin. I never would have thought of it in my wildest dreams as it was too illogical a process and had to check a guide.

I have reasoned though I have excellent openness and abstraction, which means I can take in new information and connect things linearly across many different facets in multiple directions, but I cannot take steps too illogical. There must be a logical cause, though I have no problems justifying a connection with an abstract conceptulisation. I imagine this is my industriousness making me work “to a goal” focusing some part of the creation process.

So I may think of very creative and unique things, but there is a solid grounded pattern to them that I can explain in a logical manner, to possibly more conservative people around me. This slows down my openness, but I feel there is justifiable reward in doing so.

Brand Image

I have some basic training in Public Relations and also in my own brand image.

I have always had a very obsessive concept of my own self-brand, and likewise find the concept of brand interesting. I have a strong like for psychology and understand it was the parent of the Public Relations industry which concerns itself with protecting corporate and individual Brand Name. So I find I am adapt at understanding the methodology of selling myself or brand concepts through things like understanding Le Bon’s crowd and etc. Ie, I understand a lot about crowd psychology which is at the roots of marketing, advertising, and public relations as they stem from psychology.

In that same tone though, I hold extreme wrath towards businesses that become Egoistic and fail to uphold their brand image. This is due to my own personal adoration of the power of brand and seeking to uphold that personal pedestal of the overall concept.

As long as the concept is not at odds with my own presupposition of what makes a good business. I find it easy to convince someone to do the right thing for themselves, or to give people new information or advice, but I find it near impossible to convince someone to do something that I believe is bad for them. As an example, if I think a person would be better suited to a cheaper item due to their socioeconomic position, I would be physically unable to upsell due to guilt.

Due to this, I have found I am extremely bad at “cold sales”. I think mentally I have this block because I can be an extreme bully sometimes. So ethically I have a block for where to stop bullying due to life experience in socialisation. I will not cross that line due to respecting other people’s free will to make a choice.

Brand Image Diploma of Journalism Siren Watcher

(image taken from Diploma of Journalism)

Brand Image Diploma of Journalism Siren Watcher

(image taken from Diploma of Journalism)

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