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Typing Speed

In my Computer Studies unit at Macleay College as a part of a Diploma of Journalism, I achieved a 75 wpm (22500 kph) tested score at 100% typing accuracy. In a daily life environment, at a 95% accuracy, my typing speed averages around 88 wpm.

Driver's Licence

I have an Australian, Manual and Automatic car driver’s licence. I prefer to drive in a Manual car, though I am capable of driving an Automatic.

I temporarily also had a Learners motorbike licence as I was considering traveling to South East Asia where scooters and motorbikes are recommended travel. Though never progressed to a full licence. Though this means I can in general “drive” a motorbike in the basics.

Foreign Residency

I have lived in China, Germany and Brazil.

I lived in China teaching English for under a year, and relocated to Brazil for a few months to see what the country was like, due to hearing their Master’s degrees are free for foreigners.

This is also the case in Germany, though a lot of Germany’s degrees are in English whereas in Brazil they are mostly in Portuguese.

I moved to Germany due to it being easy for me to do as I knew people already in the country so was easy to get a lease for a house. Germany has an excellent Freelancer visa program. I lived in Germany for two and a half years.


I am someone who understands how to ‘find out things’. Sometimes in mere seconds I can find full extensive details about topics.

I understand the variance of knowledge. I know how to find peer-reviewed journals, Alternative media (alt-media), Mainstream Media (MSM), etc.

I understand the importance of platforms like reddit, and social media, which are built around user opinion and resharing of data. I understand this in both the case of research, and marketing utility. I understand the difference between royalty-free, creative commons, and private data.

The decline in demographics of Mainstream Media arguably influenced by the Millenials and Zoomers not watching older versions of media. Though mainly the huge rise in the distribution of the Internet to residential homes.

I understand the issues with online advertising and the rise of platforms like Facebook for advertising. I understand that in some third world countries Facebook is free on mobile yet normal internet is not, so social media has become a “news platform“. This is also been seen to be the case in countries like Britain where Facebook advertising has been argued to affect politics. I understand that information in the current era of globalisation is very complex. With a lot of people worldwide knowing more about the Empire’s (America) news than their domestic local news. Causing issues within areas like local politics.

I like alternative media and find myself constantly seeking out media that actually sources their stories and allows me to find more information which I find mainstream media quite often does not. Betting their stories validity on their brand name rather than appropriate news sourcing.

I understand the overlap between PR and Journalism due to what I was taught in my Journalism course. Teachers explaining that a good chunk of Journalism comes from Public Relations memos sent out to be published by Newspapers. Rather than the stories actually being locally written by the Journalists themselves. Sometimes touched and edited, sometimes not.

During my Bachelor of Arts at Southern Cross University I conducted a unit called Online Media Design. The focus of this unit was to learn to utilise the internet for research, and develop foundational skills for online publishing.

During my Diploma of Journalism I undertook a unit called News Research and the Internet. This unit was meant to highlight how to search through the mass of information on the internet and form a hierarchy of usefulness. This can be done through efficiency, awareness of media manipulation, website reliability and ‘learning to search, not surf’.


Even up against the most frightening person: I am not a yesman.

I have a strong ethical code, and I understand others also have their codes for living. I never make another human live within my own code, though I make duly sure that an individual keeps to their own code. With of course slight variables in regards to pleasure activities such as an occasional over-indulgence, which I find humorous instead.

In a working environment, I am generally the person that won’t shy away of informing you of an error if you request it. I am not afraid of hurting peoples feelings and have an iron disposition about doing what’s right by a person’s own sense of welfare. Even if that means hurting a person temporarily to better them in the long run.

I try in my daily affairs to always be truthful. Lest, lying take up too much of my memory. I don’t have the time to lie, and I find it a waste of my energy.

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