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I was a part of the ‘original’ social media generation. I had a bebo, a myspace, facebook. I was a little late to the party with twitter. I used tumblr for work reasons. I have delved into alternative social media platforms like Informed Planet. I have never delved into Snapchat, LinkedIn, Instagram and likely a bevy of other social media platforms which will come in the future. I first deleted facebook after about 5-8 years of dwindling use. After starting to use twitter, I used it for only about 3 years before removing myself from the platform.

I found that, mostly, people don’t want to have intelligent discussions about things I share. And that its boring. No matter whom I interact with, and what I do, there is just a lack of ability to acquire associations compared to real life. When I get out and walk around, I can absorb a huge bevy of people. Whilst I understand that in some countries small talk is more frowned upon, and less so in Australia. Alongside me being a highly extroverted person. Though I find that one decent deep interaction with a stranger once a month, is worth an entire year of echo chamber and boredom on social media.

With the surge of facebook and the flaws it held becoming more and more apparent as it came on. From lack of features that were inherent on bebo and myspace such as intense customisation that is inbuilt into services like tumblr. The investing into facebook from DARPA and the concerns I have over facebook’s legitimacy as a neutral platform. You see in some countries like Russia and China, it is transparent when the government invests in private corporate because it is seen in the worldview as acceptable behaviour. In difference, in North America it is frowned upon in the worldview so the government tries desperately to avoid this information being widely known. I am not saying what is right or wrong, I am saying in this regard that I have reason to purvey the misuse of companies like facebook. The arguable ‘tencent of America’ phenomenon in which Alphabet (google), Amazon and Facebook buying up everything in the land that has any kind of competitive advantage, if any of these companies are government mouthpieces it makes things quite strange obviously. Plenty of incidents of Facebook and Alphabet doing that.

A lot of these platforms also take a heavy stance against the adult industry (tumblr and patreon removing the entire adult industry, etc), or any movement which is not palatable with the belief systems of the platform, and some argue it’s hurting their bottom line. I am for neutral private corporate and feel corporate being involved in bias is something complicated as there is different kinds of schemas presented. It’s good on the surface, until the politics change, and then your company gets chucked out with the prior government as nothing dies on the internet. This is my opinion. This can be seen for example in Activision Blizzard’s diversity flag waving antics, to heavy restrictions of free speech over the last few years. Causing waves and waves of internet memes comparing the two (amongst a bevy of labels of mockery) and an exodus of a portion of a vast customer base (myself included).

I don’t give a shit what others do. I just don’t use them. I won’t even delve into the linking of depression to social media or any of the stats. My opinion is based on personal interaction alone, and even though research mostly backs up my opinion, in this case I would make it regardless.

Other research about the negative side affects on social media is in the video below talking about the affect it has on society (emphasis on gen Z):

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