Coins and Notes

Siren Watcher’s coins and notes collection from International travels; Australia ($), Hong Kong ($), United Kingdom (£), China (¥), United Arab Emirates (د.إ), Morocco (د.م.), and Europe (€).

Siren’s Currently Reading

Siren Watcher Currently Reading - Matriception by Julian Faylona

This is a page of saved Recommended Books, things I am currently reading, and a saved history Articles that have been added over time as consumed. – Currently Reading – Siren Watcher.

Siren’s Recently Watched Videos

Siren Watcher Currently Reading - Matriception by Julian Faylona

Videos I have watched that I recommend to others. These lists only include videos I enjoyed and learnt from. – Siren’s Recently Watched Videos.

Ergonomics Research [Smart 1+ Articles]

Siren Watcher CV Resume Education Employment Skills Psychology Profile Beliefs Travel Research Watched Recently Reading Ergonomics Research Scientific Research Comparison of Flat and Curved Monitors: Eyestrain Caused by Intensive Visual Search Task [PDF] Quotes If the Chair Fits [PDF] Quotes Journal PDF Download Links Articles Videos Back (c) Siren Watcher

IQ Research [Smart 1+ Articles]

Peer-Reviewed Studies circulating around the topic of IQ and Intelligence across an International Spectrum… – IQ Research.

Siren Watcher Postgraduate Masters Level (0)

Education Postgraduate Icon Siren Watcher Postgraduate - Masters Level (0)

Postgraduate: A student who has obtained a degree from a university, etc, and is pursuing studies for a more advanced qualification… Master’s Degree: A degree awarded by a graduate school or department, usually to a person who has completed at least one year of graduate study… – Siren Watcher Postgraduate – Masters Level (0).

Siren Watcher Diploma of Journalism

Education Diploma Icon Siren Watcher Diploma Level (2) Diploma of Arts Diploma of Journalism

Broadcast Research and Production, News Reporting, Media Presentation, Radio Journalism, Shorthand, Television Journalism, Feature Writing, Professional Practice, Media Law, Video Journalism, Print Editing and Production, News Research and the Internet, Photojournalism, Career Planning / Job Seeking Skills, Sub-Editing, Public Relations, Computer Layout and Design, Computer Studies, Word Processing, Keyboarding… – Siren Watcher Diploma of Journalism.

Siren Watcher Bachelor of Arts (2)

Education Undergraduate Icon Siren Watcher Undergraduate Siren Watcher Bachelor of Arts

Siren Watcher Bachelor of Arts (2) – Major in Sociology and Anthropology – Curtin University… This major (Sociology and Anthropology) introduces students to the complementary fields of anthropology and sociology. This major enables students to understand how contemporary local, regional and national cultures are affected by, and react to, processes of global change such as industrialisation, urbanisation, increasing inter-ethnic contacts, environmental transformation and new modes of communication…